I started my show career at age 14, when I began exhibiting dogs as a junior handler. As a child I was raised around all types of dogs and learning dog behavior from my father who owns a dog obedience school.  I became interested in dog shows and how new and different it was from obedience as I got older.  I considered many different aspects of each breed and what kind of dog I would like to exhibit and breed.  I love the strong look and character of the American Staffordshire Terrier while still being one of the sweetest and most affectionate breeds of dogs out there.  The medium size and ease of grooming of this breed was a plus.  In 1998 I bred my first “Ambition” litter from Stockdale’s Fearless Ambition.  She was a muscular little blue brindle girl with an awesome temperament. 

I have carefully considered every breeding I have done, striving to produce the best quality Amstaff possible.  I am a small hobby breeder and produce a litter only when I am ready for a new show dog.  I definitely believe in quality over quantity.  

With the best interest of the breed in mind, temperament is my highest priority, as it should be with every breeder.  I only breed animals that are sound of mind and body.  My dogs are raised with cats, kids, and other dogs in my home and none of my dogs have ever been shy or fearful of humans or other dogs.  I begin socializing my puppies from birth, assisting the mother and handling them frequently until they go to their new homes.  They experience many things inside the home in order to best prepare them for the second chapter of their lives.  We do not allow any fearful or aggressive dogs into our breeding program.

Producing quality dogs is not the only job of a reputable breeder.  The other job is making sure each puppy is placed in a loving home and also assisting the new owner in raising that puppy.  I always encourage and insist that each owner contact me about any training questions or concerns.  I am a second generation dog trainer and an expert in dog behavior.   My Amstaffs are typically not very hard to train so you just need to know what to do to have a great relationship with your puppy.  All puppies that are sold within driving distance of me have a free membership into my group class and if I have enough local puppies in the area I will create a group class that is solely for my latest litter.  

​My goal is to be a thoughtful and always helpful breeder and striving for the best possible AmStaff. I don’t breed a lot, but when I do, I carefully consider many different aspects of temperament, health, confirmation, and breed type.  The best tool a breeder can have is knowledge:  knowing our line of dogs, knowing their genetic strengths and weaknesses, and knowing how best to breed them in order to maximize their potential for greatness. Gregor Mendell and his basic laws of genetics has been an extremely influential tool in this breeding program. I have extremely high hopes for the future of the Ambition line and vow to always make decisions that are in the best interest of the breed as a whole, our puppies, and their families.

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